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Skipping registration. INF Author: mark this section with RegisterServer=No as a performance optimization. rERR: OCX Install: detected incompatible platform binary (%s). Please contact site for a binary for your platform. ERR: Security Trust Verification Failed or rejected by user/administrator. Check Security Settings. Detailed Error Code (hr) = %lx [ERR: INF Processing: Failed Error Code:(%lx) processing: %s. Cannot get primary language! EERR: INF Processing: No section for processing: %s . language = %s !.LOG: INF Processing: Satellite DLL found:%s !XERR: INF Processing: Failed (%lx) processing: %s . Cannot get primary/default language!RLOG: URL Download Complete: hrStatus:%lx, hrOSB:%lx, hrResponseHdr:%lx, URL:(%ws) nLOG: Reporting Code Download Completion: (hr:%lx%s, CLASSID: %lx..., szCODE:(%ws), MainType:%ws, MainExt:%ws) oLOG: detected DUP secondary CAB %ws. Adding CDL=(CLASSID: %lx..., szCODE:(%ws), VersionMS:%lx, VersionLS:%lx) UERR: Setup Failed Error Code: (hr) = %lx, installing: %s to %s destination code(%lx) WRN: Client no IWindowForBindingUI! Controls that need user confirmation to establish trust will fail. If you implement ICodeInstall pls note that it has been obsoleted now BERR: Run Setup Hook: Failed Error Code:(hr) = %lx, processing: %s OWRN: OBJECT tags for CLASSID=%lx... have mixed usage with CODEBASE=%ws and %ws gERR: (OSD)Open Software Description Processor: Error loading OSD or missing SoftPkg tag. Check syntax! ERR: (OSD)Open Software Description Processor: SoftPkg tag: NAME, VERSION: Required attributes in SoftPkg tag missing or bad syntax! pERR: (OSD)Open Software Description Processor: MSICD::NativeCode tag: CODE: Required tag missing or bad syntax! wERR: (OSD)Open Software Description Processor: CODEBASE tag: HREF/FILENAME: Required attributes missing or bad syntax! ERR: (OSD)Open Software Description Processor: Error extracting INF file referred to in OSD file. INF needs to be in the same CAB as OSD. rERR: (OSD)Open Software Description Processor: MSICD::Java Package tag: Bad Syntax or Missing Required attribute! |ERR: (OSD)Open Software Description Processor: DEPENDENCY tag (or subtag SoftPkg): Bad Syntax or Missing Required attribute!sERR: (OSD)Open Software Description Processor: SoftPkg under DEPENDENCY: Bad Syntax or Missing Required attribute! CERR: CDL Protocol Handler missing, can't process <DEPENDENCY> tag. VWRN: File %s was installed, but will require a reboot for the install to take effect. ALOG: Setup successful installing: %s to %s destination code(%lx) .LOG: Setup Hook %s was executed successfully. LOG: File %s being registered. LOG: Item %s being processed. :LOG: Java Package %ws being installed into %ws NameSpace. ;ERR: Error installing Java Package. Error Code (hr) = %lx. 2LOG: Redundant download started on %s (hr = %lx). DLOG: Redundant download attempted, but no more codebases available. KLOG: Download OnStopBinding called (hrStatus = %lx / hrResponseHdr = %lx). /LOG: Version not identified for %s, using 0.1. For details, see 9ERR: Could not convert extension %s or type %s to clsid. &ERR: Could not get clsid from string. @>87>H;0 >H81:0 703@C7:8 :>40: >4@>1=55 >1 >H81:5 A<.: 58725AB=0O >H81:0.58725AB=0O >H81:0 CAB0=>2:8.=LOG: Downloaded images must now be all native code, URL:(%s) :LOG: Downloaded images must now be all x86 code, URL:(%s) LLOG: Cannot downgrade file which exists in the System File Protection list.     x4H81>G=K9 04@5A URL. p5 CAB0=>2;5=> =8 >4=> 87 A>548=5=89 A =B5@=5B><. d5 C405BAO ?>4:;NG8BLAO : C:070==><C A5@25@C. P5 C405BAO =09B8 C:070==K9 @5AC@A. P5 C405BAO =09B8 C:070==K9 >1J5:B. `;O 70?@>H5==>3> @5AC@A0 40==K5 =54>ABC?=K. PH81:0 703@C7:8 C:070==>3> @5AC@A0. x;O 4>ABC?0 : @5AC@AC =5>1E>48<0 ?@>25@:0 ?>4;8==>AB8. l!5@25@ =5 <>65B @0A?>7=0BL C:070==K9 B8? (MIME). dAB5: 8=B5@20; >6840=8O 7025@H5=8O >?5@0F88. h!5@25@ =5 ?>=O; 70?@>A0 8;8 70?@>A =5?@028;5=. H#:070==K9 ?@>B>:>; =58725AB5=. P>7=8:;0 ?@>1;5<0 A 157>?0A=>ABLN. d!8AB5<0 =5 A<>3;0 703@C78BL E@0=8<K5 40==K5. X5 C405BAO ?@>8=8F80;878@>20BL >1J5:B. H5?>;04:0 ?@8 ?5@5=0?@02;5=88.    4VS_VERSION_INFOT T ?4StringFileInfo041904B0LCompanyName>@?>@0F8O 09:@>A>DB_FileDescription 0AH8@5=8O OLE32 4;O Win32t*FileVersion6.00.2900.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)7 InternalNameUrlMon.dll~-LegalCopyright >@?>@0F8O 09:@>A>DB. A5 ?@020 70I8I5=K.? OriginalFilenameUrlMon.dllt)ProductName?5@0F8>==0O A8AB5<0 Microsoft WindowsCProductVersion6.00.2900.2180(OleSelfRegisterDVarFileInfo$Translation Windows Urlmon PPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADDINGPADDINGXXPADtb6662787M778889 9=9E9e9k999999 :+:;:H:N:r::::;;;%;_;i;;;5<;H>Y>>>>>>??'?0?5?(>0>4><>D>P>X>\>d>l>x>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>? ?? ?$?,?4?@?H?L?T?\?h?p?t?|????????????????PT3x3324444l55;6-7777"8}888.9;99999Z:x::9;O;r;;<=>>?"??`t0A0U0Z00m11111111112;2q2x22222222*3b33333333h45555x666\7g7~7N;y;<====3>p0111"1&1*1.121m11111111111132;2B2344?4h4476|6U7777777777888_8888 9C9V9e9t9999999@:O:^:m:|:::::;=====>!>\>s>>>>>>+?I?P????????80M0c0000000151;1?1E1I1O1S1Y1]1b111112<2U2q22222222223 3T333344444444455&5,515H5L5Q5W5]5a5f5l5r5v5{5555555555555555555555555566 6666!6'6-61666<6B6F6K6Q6W6[6`6f6l6p6v6|66666666666666666:;;;;#;4;:;?;P;V;[;l;r;w;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;< <<"<(<-<>)>K>Q>d>>>>>>???? ?-?4?9?u?}????????H000>0C0Y0n0}00?1a1h1o11111112222#2w2~223334444:4Q4\44444 5 5*5B5[5l5t55555666 616M6^6o666666677&7@7P77777h8888899F99999999:N:::::::::;!;D;m;z;;;;;;;;;;;;; <<1<7<>K>>>>>>?!?&?0?j?y???????????????????000 00000 0$0(0,000<0@0D0_0m0r00000!1/1D1T1Z1x1111111112%202B2H2h2r2|222222444+414<4Y4f4s44445N5h555 6666$6(6A6e6o6{66667777778 88(8>8H8T889O9g9y999:o;v;;;<<=l===;>>>>>?U?`?e?????01333333333+4v44,56O6x666#7*777777C8S88%929f99:#:::::;;; ;4;9;j;u;;;;;;; <<5<;<g>>>>?l0!101111111112 2"2?2Q2]2c2v222222222223333%30363A3G3R3X3c3i3u333333333 4'44444444444445 5/5X5a5q55555555546C6666666"7;7D7I7q77777777777808;8E8S8Y8j8t88888888889 999$9)9W9j9x9~9999999 :,::: ;p;;;;;<.<8<<<<4=K=\=n==============>$>6>S>g>????X0)00 11p1t1x1|1111111111111111111111111111111112b2i2p2223V3u333334484L4P4T4X4\4`4d4h4l4p4t4x4|44444444444444444444444444444444555 55555 5$5(5,5054585<5@5D5H5L5P5T5X5\5`5d5h5l55555555555555555555555555666 66666 6$6(6,6064686<6@6D6H6L6P6T6n666(7L7P7T7X7\7`7d7h7l7p7t7x7|777777777777777777777777777777777888 8888J8d8h8l8p8t8x8|8888888888888888888888999#97999999999999999999::: ::::: :$:(:,:0:4:8:<:@:D:H:L:P:T:X:\:`:d:h:l:p:t:x:|:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;; ;;;;; ;$;(;,;0;4;8;<;@;D;H;L;P;T;X;\;`;d;h;l;p;t;x;|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;<<< <<<<< <$<(<,<0<4<8<<<@